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Cold Rolling Lines "12MT"

AWM’s Cold Rolling Lines are designed to be extremely strong and reliable: to enhance efficiency they feature quick-change cold rolling cassettes. Model “6MT”, standard, and “12MT”, fast, are equipped with a special 3-gear transmission box for the capstan. The basic version of the machines allows two reduction steps; also available are other versions with four reduction steps, equipped with three capstans [mod. “12MT/3”] suitable to draw wire down to three millimeters. The spooler can have vertical [mod. “6MT” only] or horizontal axis with manual or semi-automatic unloading of the reel. Also possible is the installation of a two-station fully automatic spooler with integrated stripping unit and collapsible reel opening system.


AWM offers a wide range of machines for the production of wire, welded mesh, lattice girders and special reinforcement frames for the wire and steel business.

AWM machines can satisfy the needs of all-size companies thanks to the flexibility of its designs and a constant drive towards better performance and high reliability, pursued in cooperation with reputable partners.

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